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O-RB 2020 invite
Date and place: February 8th, 2020., Technical school Ruđer Bošković, Getaldićeva 4, Zagreb
Organizer: Orienteering club Jelen
Main organizer: Ivan Šeperić-Grdiša
Website: http://o-rb.zioc.eu
Route planning: Ivan Šeperić-Grdiša
Type of competition: Night orienteering indoor competition
Terrain type: Mostly marble, stone and tiles
Map: TŠRB, January 2020
First start: TBD (around 17:00)
Classes: MŽ45, MŽ-A, MŽ-B, MŽ18
Entries: Until Monday, February 3rd 2020 or until 150 entries are reached via online service or via info@okjelen.hr email.
Entry fee: 25 HRK for all classes (cca 3.5 EUR)
Payment: In cash at the competition centre, 1 hour before the start at the latest or via bank transfer to IBAN HR48 2360000 1101410159. Please provide proof of payment.
Prize giving ceremony: 19:00 inside the building (or as soon as the competition ends)
Prizes: Medals for top 3 competitors in each class
Arrival: Personal or public transportation to the school. Follow the orienteering markings to the competition centre. Entrance is located at the west side, looking onto the sport terrains. Parking is available around the building.
Special instructions: SPORT IDENT will be used. Chip rental fee is 10 HRK (1.5 EUR). It is forbidden to use any footwear that might damage the floor. Please adhere to the house rules. Special instructions will be published on our website and inside the competition centre. USAGE OF A BATTERY LAMP IS MANDATORY. Competitors participate at their own risk!